Olive Branch Ministries, Inc. (OBMI) is a grassroots non-profit community organization dedicated to improving the health, educational attainment, human welfare, and opportunities for youth, adults, and families. We serve the community and world at large in various capacities while seeking to make a significant impact for the Kingdom. The olive tree is referred to as an emblem of prosperity, beauty, and privilege. Branches are disciples of the true vine comprised of smaller divisions of different aspects of the company. In keeping with that, OBMI aims to advance society as it fosters professionalism, creativity, and artistic expression.

Branches of Service

Community Enrichment

Our goal is to provide educational, recreational, cultural, health and lifelong learning opportunities for youth and adults by offering educational advancement, job resources, and networking opportunities.

Provide regular weekly recreational and cultural activities to local youth, encompassing youth from grade school, middle school, and high school ages.

• Provide adult recreational, cultural, and health education programs

Increase financial literacy and work development opportunities

• Increase the proficiency of young adults in local communities by establishing Big Brother and Big Sister Programs

• Establish and provide resources for continuing education through local business leaders and local universities

Position young adults with job opportunities within the community and in other areas

Offer sports training and fitness opportunities

Business Development and Business Consulting Services

Our goal is to assist companies in facilitating and promoting USA and international business development, procurement, marketing and sales representation, using our marketing and business expertise through our network of affiliates, contacts and sales representatives.

We can help you with your business plan preparation and strategy, business plan development, business plan writing, obtain funding, develop markets, expand into select domestic and international markets, create partnerships and alliances, and provide marketing and sales representation services.

Desktop Publishing

OBMI offers a variety of desktop publishing services, from conception and design to the printed page, including editing, proofing, layout, typesetting, and illustration to final presentation.

Administrative Support Services

Let OBMI help with your Administrative needs:

• Document Management

• Content and Editing

• Word Processing/Presentations

• Transcription• Database Management

• Organization and Filing Projects

• Financial Records and Payroll



Our Management Team

Katrina M. Thompson

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